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Paul Heeren Paul Heeren

Interesting Bits…

There have been an array of bands featuring Paul Heeren on guitar and vocals - let's look at some highlights:

Adelaide, Australia

Progressive Rock band 'Montage' made local concert, radio and TV appearances, including ABC's 'Soundtrek' program and supporting pop band 'Scandal' for the first pan-Australia live radio Broadcast.

The UK

The Times

Cult London band on the Creation label. Featured on several albums playing guitar and on backing vocals. Performed with The Times at Creation's 10th anniversary party at the Albert Hall, plus a few appearances on Gary Crowley's TV programme 'The Beat'.

Heeren Stevens

AOR Rock duo with power rock vocalist Jan Stevens signed to WEA. Dual vocals were a feature of this act.

Heeren Stevens recorded the theme song 'Trust' for the Highlander II movie, produced by Adrian Lee of Mike and the Mechanics and engineered by Simon Hanhart.


Jan and Paul set up a 24 track studio at home and recorded an AOR album 'Truth and Illusion'. This was mixed by Rafe McKenna who'd mixed acts such as Foreigner and Bad Company. Koch Records signed the act releasing 2 singles 'Moment of Truth' and 'Wonderland' and the album.

State of the Art

A funk/pop outfit using early midi sequencing programs on a BBC Micro. EMI put the band into Abbey Road for a while to record some material.

Albert Odisho

Crossover London based Assyrian artist who performed to Assyrian communities across the globe. Fused western style rock guitar with complex Arabic rhythms and percussion.


Paul provided the live sound engineering at Comedy Club Jongleurs joining the team from the 2nd performance at the fledgling Battersea club. He co-recorded their first comedy CD 'Live at Jongleurs'.


X-on cloud based telecommunications was co-founded in 2000 by Paul Bensley and Paul Heeren. It has established a significant profile in UK telecommunications providing hosted services for thousands of clients, ranging from small businesses to UK Corporates.

Since 2012 X-on has specialised in Healthcare Communications via its award winning Surgery Connect service.

X-on was acquired by The Southern Communications Group in 2022.